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about shamay company

Shamay was founded by Mr. Reuven Shamay in 1998. It is a leader in its field, specializing in producing, importing, and marketing disposable, nylon, aluminum, and paper hospitality and serving products, cleaning materials, cleaning aids, basic consumer products for the home, business, industry, and more…

Our products have become an integral part of the Israeli household, making our lives easier and more pleasant. Since its inception and over the years, supported by a professional team, R. Shamay continues to gradually realize Mr. Reuven Shamay’s vision by expanding its product variety and developing new products while listening to consumer demands, ensuring product quality and kashrut certification.

Shamay aims to provide all of its customers with good service, reliability, quality, and, of course, a fair price. Throughout the years, we have developed and improved our national marketing and distribution array, serving a large and diverse customer base.

Our customers including marketing chains, grocery stores, institutions, industry, and more…

In addition to its business operations, R. Shamay always maintains its uniqueness through the familial atmosphere among its employees. We highly respect and appreciate employees with special needs, recognizing their special contribution to the company’s operations. We have the responsibility and opportunity to contribute to the community with our skilled staff and available inventory. R. Shamay invests efforts toward providing all of its customers with their demands in the quickest and most efficient manner while considering their needs and understanding that they prefer to purchase in bulk.yy

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